Go Dam Go Dam

Yes, your girl went to Amsterdam and may I assure you, like I assured all of my fellow church brethren, I was going with uni.

England has nothing on Amsterdam. Why isn't our city clean like theirs? Why aren't bike lanes integrated into the roads? Why are their public transport options so much cleaner than ours? Amsterdam you are my second home...well maybe fifth, as I do love the sun, the beach and all you can eat buffets.

Okay, so maybe Amsterdam wasn't the holiday I thought it would be, but I still had a great time. What did I do on this trip I hear you all scream into the screen. Well since you asked so nicely, I travelled to the 'I Amsterdam' sign. I tried to climb it, but the grip on my boots and the resounding tiredness in my body said no. However, I did manage to sit in the letter 'D' as it took minimal climbing and maximum sitting.

What else does one do on holiday?

Order a bowl of spaghetti bolognese of course.

I wanted to see if the dish tasted the same everywhere, and after spending 10 euros I found out that it did. Could've saved myself 10 euros in all honesty.

When booking this trip uni asked us what we wanted to do, as we could chose from two options:
1: A photo safari or,
2: A canal trip

Can you guess which one I chose, ah, I chose the wrong one, that's the one I chose. Oh, doesn't a photo safari sound relaxing and peaceful, being chauffeured around the city in a vehicle stopping at landmarks, taking pictures, admiring the scenery while doing so? That's great because that is exactly what didn't happen. We got met outside the train station by a lady waliting for us. I looked around anxiously looking for the vehicle that was going to take us around the city, and wouldn't you have guessed it, I was standing on them. The photo safari was us walking around the 'new' Amsterdam - the 'new' Amsterdam that wasn't even built yet. We basically went to the other side of the bay to look cement and imagine what it could be.

You see I have this thing about these people. The lady that was taking us around Amsterdam took us to a cafe. I was happy when she first mentioned it. We arrived back at the train station and walked past every shop known to man. 'Wagamama's' 'Dunkin' Donuts' 'Starbucks' etc. and she took us all the way into the city to a cafe owned by her friend. Bruh. These business people, always setting us up to spend money in their own places.

I was going to order myself a hot chocolate but at the time, I wasn't in the mood, but if I had known that one of the lecturers was going to pay for it, I would have ordered a hot chocolate and then some. Man, those missed opportunities..booo.

I had the pleasure of sharing the hotel room with 3 other girls. One I knew previously, shout out to Kirsty. (pow pow), Nyasha and Emma. Sigh, we should all have an Emma in our lives. She came to Amsterdam with a sandwich bag filled with 12 euros and hopes that it would be enough to last her the whole trip. If only I had that much optimism in life, I would get very far with it. She had so much optimism that she thought she could buy an English breakfast for £2.10 at the airport, unlucky for her if she did, she would have been disappointed to find out, it was just a cuppa.

Overall I learnt many things on this trip:

1. Just because it is in euros, doesn't always mean that it is cheaper
2. When buying a travel ticket, make sure you all buy the same one
3. The sayings 'By fire by force' and 'with chest'.
4. 'Joanna'

Lastly, I would like to thank student finance for helping me to pay for this trip.


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