Broke Chronicles: Part 1

Is there something someone is not telling me about the art of saving money? Seriously, I have worked since the age of 16 and I haven’t saved a dime. Imagine that, 5 years of getting paid and nothing to show for it. I often find myself getting paid and unfortunately, becoming broke on the same day. There’s got to be an easy way of making my money stretch and hopefully make it go further then my next pay day. Is it just common knowledge that I should pick up more hours at work to keep up with this 'lifestyle' I am living? Hahahaha, no! I am not picking up more hours - I do enough. 

I have always wondered what it is like to be able to save, even if it was only £10. However, I do tend to find that every time I start to save something happens. I end up spending my savings (well the little bit I have) and just like that, I’m back to square one of the vicious cycle. Is it possible to save money, have a healthy lifestyle and be sociable? I don't think so. 

Things I have learnt from being broke:

1. If it's there to spend, spend it.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so why leave money behind that you may not get to spend? A good friend of mine once told me that 'Bills are always going to be here, but opportunities are not.' Wise words, the very wise words that always encourage me to spend.

2. Pay for things/events before hand. 

There is always that one month in the year when it is everyone's birthday. *rolls eyes* So rather than making yourself too broke over it, it is best to pay for your meal beforehand. That way when it comes to the day you don't have to worry about covering your bill, because you already have. Another thing, I have come to terms with, is to only have a handful of friends, that way you don't have to buy gifts for loads of people.

3. There's food at home.

We have all been there, when you drive past a McDonald's or KFC and in that moment you want it more than anything. You turn to your parents and they say the famous line 'There is food at home.' This right here, is a rule to live by when you are broke. The truth is, it saves you a ton of money. Yes, I know it is hard to walk past a McDonald's and to not think about ordering a 20 nugget box, large fries and a strawberry milkshake.... But just remember that the chicken and rice at home is free. 

I constantly ask myself what I am doing with my money? And the answer is spend it!

I have bills - unfortunately and have found that my money often gets spent on transport to and from work. Is this the way I am meant to me living? Is this what they call ‘living’ between your means? Over the next couple of months I am going to be looking into ways of which I can cut down costs and hopefully save money, without knowing I am saving it. So stay tuned for more.