I was just chilling in my kitchen eating a microwave pizza (don't judge) and I stumbled across this video. Considering I was feeling quite down and lazy she really cheered me up. I wasn't sure if I would like her because sometimes when you watch a YouTube video not everyone feels genuine, however I felt like Patricia was. She is so welcoming and a great person to watch. 

I remember that not too long ago I wanted to become a You-Tuber, but I felt as if I was doing it for the wrong reasons. At first I wanted to do it just to be recognised by someone and to be 'famous'. However now that I have this blog I believe that I could start this idea back up again. I do like beauty videos, but I am not a beauty guru, I am still struggling with finding the right foundation! It is something I would like to get into, but I feel as if makeup in considerably over priced, and as a member of the working class (sobs) times are hard and money is tight. 

It then came to me that I would like to start up vlogging, but then I came across so many reasons as to why it is harder than what I had thought. Talking to the camera felt very alien like, it's almost like you are talking to yourself, because you are, but you aren't. But then you also can not just film yourself chilling at home because that's just boring. Really and truly what you do need is to do something with yourself, i.e. go hiking, go to a theme park, or just to do anything, but it has to be interesting. 

Overall, I had found that you can't just vlog by yourself. You need friends that would like to be on camera and ones that would also have nothing much to do. Which is hard because all my friends like myself, work and/or go to university. 

It also takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there. The pressure is on, your self promoting, you can't say much that will upset a family member and you have to look good all the time. Although the more I think about it  I might still give it a go, because you never know until you try. So stay tuned to see how it goes. They do say, if first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.