When is too much, too much?

There are many times as to which we cross boundaries, sometimes we know that we are pushing them, however there are times as to which we don't.

I over stepped my boundaries this week.

I didn't know that I had, until it was too late. I was helping someone dear to me with something that was near to her heart and genuinely, at the time I didn't think much of it. I did question many things but consequently the things I didn't, eventually did. I learned a lot from this experience alone and I think that you guys can too. I learned that when things that don't concern you come into play, don't involve yourself in with them.

Many things can be solved with a simple conversation and it is good to learn your boundaries especially of when to push and when not to. Looking back I can see that it did more good than harm, because a lot of light was shown on highlighted areas that needed to be spoke upon. One of the struggles I have in life is naivety, I am too naive. Too much naivety leads to vulnerability and vulnerability can lead to manipulation. We need to be aware of the situations we face and the people that we surround ourselves in. I know that sometimes I am known to be very gullible but I had never thought that I would have been unknowingly manipulated.

To be honest it's disheartening.

I feel as if making my self vulnerable made my family vulnerable and has made me question everything. Yes, we do get caught in the moment, but we shouldn't feel as if we should have to commit to things we don't have to. It is easy to take the easy route to making someone happy, but is it worth making everyone else miserable in order to get it?

The overall message for today is to guard your mind, and when something doesn't sound or feel right stick with your intuition because your intuition is always right.