I wish that before I started university, someone had told me what it was like. When making the transition from working full time to university, I had asked several people about their own experiences and it seemed as if everyone I had asked was vague about it. No one told me that it is majorly independent study, you literally need to do everything by yourself, and it's scary.

Having the power of your £9,000 a year education in your hand and having loads of work being asked of you is immensely nerve wracking. If you moved out, it is even worse. I didn't move out, but that was based upon the fact that I wanted a car. I have completed my first year at uni (well sort of) and I still don't have a car. I haven't passed my test yet, but I have this little inkling telling me that I  will get a car after I finish university, which is not what I wanted at all.

Student finance is never enough. They reel you in with a 3 month bursary 3 times a year of up to £1,030 (maintenance loan) and even though it seems like a lot on paper, when you get it, POOF it's gone. They don't take into account what course you study. For me I study Media and Communication but I specialise in New Media and Web Design, it is crucial for me to have a mac computer or laptop especially because that is what I get trained on at university, and because apparently nothing beats a Mac. To buy a mac alone is near enough the same price as 1 settlement from student loan. With your next bursary coming in 3 months, how are you meant to eat? buy stationery? buy clothes? You know the fundamentals of basic living.

Yes, you can get a job but juggling university and a job is not the easiest of things to do. It always seems easy but it's not. Imagine this, you work 3 times a week doing an 8 hour shift for those days. You are then left with 4 days a week and out of the 4, you go to university 3 times. You then have 1 day to catch up on your work that needs doing, while reading before your next lecture as well as trying to rest because you are so tired. Not forgetting the ridiculous amount of clubbing you will be doing.

It's too much. Too much is expected of us from a young age. I am still not sure of what career I would like to get into let alone how I am going to get there, but the pressure of society and seeing your friends and family around you succeeding isn't the best of feelings to have. You feel as if you need to prove something to them and yourself, but in the end you end up regretting it. £27,000 is a big mistake to make. So make sure you are ready for university before making that move.