I Just...

So over the 3 days just gone, my old church put on a convention with the theme 'Exchange our Cross for a Crown'. Even though I purely went to church to take pictures for my university, I couldn't help myself, and I got myself involved in something that didn't involve me.

It was the day that the youth took over, and I'm not going to lie, it was a great service. It just so happened that while I was taking pictures, a sister came to me and asked me to get something for her to give to my cousin that was stewarding the night. While I got what she wanted me to get, I then went to go find him, so he could do the job he was supposed to do. Funnily enough, he wasn't where he was meant to be. I proceeded to go outside of church and found him there with the other stewards (which were also his friends) and claiming that they were going to the shop. Okay. I was okay with that as long as there was someone looking after the station.


I got ignored. I gave them 5 minutes to go to the shop and come back.

5 minutes came and went.

They still weren't at their positions.

For  a year and a half I used to work as a Youth Leader at the churches youth club. So I know all the boys personally, and I thought that they respected me, but clearly not. I saw that they went to Big Johns to go get themselves something to eat. I went into the shop guns blazing, and fuming at the disrespect they had for the event and the disrespect they had for me. I probably shouldn't have, but it needed to be done. They always prance around church acting like they own the place. What they need is someone to put them in their place, and if that person has to be me then so be it.

The thing that upset me the most about the whole fiasco, was the fact that my own cousin was so disrespectful towards me. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life, and trust me I have been embarrassed a lot. I just really wanted to get physical with him because he hurt me. He stood me up and made me look like a fool just to please his friends. If that is the way he wants to be then so be it, but I hope he knows that I won't be tolerating it and for it to have even happened, I don't want to be surrounded by him.