Another one

It happened again, another convention within the space of 7 days and may I add if I do say so myself that it was great. It was nice to genuinely enjoy myself without worrying about things that did not concern me. It was a night full of laughs, singing and dancing.

When I first went to the convention I only wanted to see New Ye perform. I have had their album for about 6-7 months and I play it non-stop. Saying that I am a fan of their work would be an understatement. One thing that Volney taught me yesterday, is not to praise them as a group because that isn't their aim. The aim is to spread the gospel and minister. Not all the gospel artists that are around today think the way that he does and it made me aware that he was very humble.

Nevertheless, while they performed everyone was out of their seats dancing and enjoying themselves, but what surprised me most of all was the amount of young people that were there. There was a point in the service as to which Volney asked all he worshippers to come don to the front...nearly everyone in the church made their way to the Altar. Isn't God good?

I can truly say that I left that service feeling very blessed. What surprised me the most was when he asked all the people with tambourines to come on stage, and because I am a person that likes to worship I was one of those people, and I did not hesitate to go and play my instrument.