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via GIPHY I think quarantine has finally gotten the best of me.  I'm not me, when my hair isn't done or when my eyebrows haven't been waxed and it brings forth the notion of my happiness and whether or not it is tied to materialistic things. As I sit here on my bedroom floor, I can't help but wonder what happened to me? I think I have started to lose my identity, and while it can be argued it is because of my values and who I expect myself to be, I believe it is more than that.  I can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog piece, but I really miss it. The way my fingers glide on the keyboard and the way I am able to express myself through words, knowing that there is a barrier between me and someone else. (Which is another topic for another time) I don't think I knew how much I needed to let people in with what is going on in my life and to not be afraid of judgment because it is going to come either way.  I have recently

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